Annual Maintenance at The Collection Porsche

Stay On Top of Key Annual Maintenance Projects at The Collection Porsche Service Center

Don't be a Miami motorist who puts off auto maintenance. Just like any other luxury vehicle, your Porsche deserves better than that. By performing key auto maintenance items on a routine basis, you can keep your Porsche looking and running as good as new.

To achieve this, we encourage drivers from across the Miami metro to visit The Collection Porsche service center in Coral Gables, FL, where we offer exceptional service on core maintenance tasks, including brakes, tires, batteries, and oil changes. A few of these annual maintenance tasks can be "Do It Yourself" service projects. We'll provide tips for these service items. For meticulous repairs from our Porsche-certified technicians, we encourage you to schedule a service appointment online with The Collection Porsche.

Brake Repairs & Replacement in Miami

Brakes play a key role in keeping Miami drivers safe. Your brakes are made up of several components that undergo wear and tear based on your driving and braking behaviors. That's why annual brake maintenance is so important. In fact, it's recommended that at least twice a year you get a brake inspection performed by The Collection Porsche service technicians. For every 40,000 miles you drive, your brake pads and rotors will likely require replacements. Other braking components may need maintenance before then. Miami drivers know they're in dire need of brake repairs when the following occurs:

  • Screeching, squealing, or squeaking sounds as you come to a stop
  • Your Porsche sways side to side while driving
  • Greater time and distance to reach a complete stop
  • Illuminated brake warning light on the dashboard
  • Brake pedal vibrations

The Collection Porsche Is Your Home for Tires, Tires, Tires

Need new tires? The Collection Porsche sells all the top tire brands to equip your luxury vehicle. We sell these tires at a competitive price and make sure they're the right tires for your Porsche. Quality tires should last you 50,000 miles, but it's important to have them inspected annually for potential replacing. Our service technicians will monitor the tire tread depth, which should be at or near the factory standard 10/32 of an inch. Don't allow your tires to go bald. Adequate tire tread depth assures you can reach a full stop in any situation.

We also conduct tire rotations to promote tire longevity. Your Porsche's tires should be rotated twice a year, or every 7,500 miles.

We can also regulate tire pressure and offer tire and wheel alignments, so your Porsche is hitting Miami roads at the proper angle for quality steering and handling.

Test Your Porsche's Car Battery & Install a Replacement from The Collection Porsche

Your Porsche's car battery is essential to motor around Miami. The battery delivers an electrical current to the starter and stabilizes the voltage to keep your Porsche's engine running. Your battery should last around four years - sometimes up to six years - but it's important to get a voltage reading and determine the remaining battery life with a battery test. Your car battery may be failing if:

  • The battery has a low voltage reading
  • You experience a sluggish starting cycle or inconsistent starting
  • The battery case is cracked or swollen
  • There are electrical issues or dim headlights
  • You hear an ignition clicking sound when turning the key

While we encourage Miami drivers to test their battery and have a potential battery replacement installed by the trained technicians at our Coral Gables service center, a new car battery installation can be a DIY project.

Disconnect the car battery terminals - negative first, then positive - with a socket wrench. Remove the dead car battery and clean the battery terminals. Then insert the new car battery, with positive being aligned with the matching terminal first, followed by negative. Tighten each terminal with a wrench and make sure the battery is secure. Finally, close the hood and start the Porsche to test the new battery.

Get a Routine Oil Change from The Collection Porsche Service Center in Coral Gables, FL

Oil changes are another DIY project, though The Collection Porsche service center offers quick and convenient oil changes. You can get a conventional oil change or a full synthetic oil change. You may be able to drive nearly 7,500 miles on full synthetic motor oil and only have to change it twice a year. Conventional oil may require a quarterly oil change, or roughly every 3,000 miles.

Because oil deteriorates over time and can't remove harmful debris, it's important to have your oil changed every six months, at the very least. An oil change combats wear and tear to your Porsche's engine and helps maintain efficiency and high-performance standards. To change your oil yourself, follow these steps:

  • Check your Porsche's owner's manual for the type of recommended motor oil and the amount of oil needed (typically measured in quarts
  • Locate the oil filter and drain plug
  • Drain the old motor oil
  • Tighten the drain plug
  • Remove the old oil filter and install the new filter
  • Add the new motor oil
  • Check the oil level

Explore Porsche Service Specials for Savings On Important Annual Maintenance Tasks

Each aforementioned maintenance item is essential to perform on a routine basis and monitor annually. Browse our Porsche service specials for potential savings on your next oil change, brake replacement, tire rotation, set of tires, or car battery. Schedule a service appointment online if you're not comfortable with a DIY maintenance project. Don't drive a Porsche? Bring your vehicle from another luxury brand - or any other OEM - in for maintenance. We're here to serve the maintenance needs of all Miami drivers.

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